Purchasing Skills of Floor Tiles

Purchasing Skills of Floor Tiles

2022-02-25 16:51:21

There are so many kinds of floor tiles, the overall style of space, the coordination of household products and individual needs can not be ignored. Different floor tiles have different uses. How should we choose floor tiles?


floor tiles


  1. When selecting floor tiles, the color must be uniform and the surface gloss must be better.


  1. The deviation between the average size of four sides of each brick and the working size is ≤± 0.6%.


  1. The antifouling ability can be tested with colored water. Drop the colored water on the floor tile and wipe it with a wet cloth for half an hour, so that its antifouling effect can be tested.


  1. The water absorption is related to the density of the product, and the calculation formula is w = (B-G) / g × 100%, G is the weight of the sample after drying, B is the weight of the sample after full of water, and W is the water absorption. Generally, the color ceramic tile is not more than 10%, and the unglazed ceramic tile is not more than 0.5%.


  1. It's best to knock gently with two ceramic tiles with a clear and loud sound. If there is air in the tile, the sound will be very dull. This general appearance can't be seen, only listen to the sound.


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